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Sharing Birth Stories 

We Want To Hear Your Story!

Childbirth is an incredible accomplishment, no matter how it happens. Every birth is SO different and no two women have the same experience, which is why your birth story is important and special!

We would love to hear and share your story here if you would like to share.

There are so many great reasons to share your story.  For fun! You did something amazing and deserve to share it! To remember, things fade with time, if you share, you keep the memory alive for you and your family. To process and reflect how things happened. To change perceptions about birth, to heal and to possibly help inspire others. Your point of view matters!

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Ellie Chapmplin, MT

"Dominique was so instrumental in the homebirth of our daughter Millie! She was a natural at educating and informing while also bringing so much calm energy to our birth space. Dominique was present for the entire 14hr labor and delivery of our little girl. To say she was dedicated to our birth plan and wishes would be an understatement! We will definitely use her again."

Harley Johnston, MT

"My husband and i had planned a natural birth and hired Dominique as our doula. Our experience with her was far better than our expectations. Dominique was very informative during our prenatal appointments; if my husband or I asked for information, she took the time to gather information for us to have and talked us through everything. Even though we had an unplanned C-section, Dominique sat by our side while we waited 6 hours in the hospital for the procedure and came back the following day  to support us. She continues to reach out and check on our new little family. Her support and dedication  to her clients showcases the passion she has as a doula. We highly recommend Dominique Victoria Basler to be apart of your birth story."
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