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Miracles in the Midst: Navigating Placenta Previa and Embracing Resilience.

Embark on a poignant journey through the inspiring birth story of Lennora, in celebration of her fourth birthday. A story that transcends the ordinary and delves into the realms of perseverance, strength, and the unwavering pursuit of hope after enduring life's storms. Navigating placenta previa and embracing resilience.

Lennora's story begins against the haunting echoes of two miscarriages, weaving a profound sequel to the heartache that trailed the healthy birth of her older sister, Livianna. Undiagnosed health issues added layers of complexity in the journey to pregnancy with Lennora, ultimately leading to a hysterectomy in 2022, (that’s a whole other story). This journey mirrors the trials and tribulations of yearning for the elusive success of a pregnancy.

At 11 weeks, an unforeseen tide of bleeding brought forth fear and uncertainty. An ultrasound unveiled placenta previa and partial placenta abruption, casting shadows of potential danger. The looming possibility of a mandatory c-section sharply contrasted with the envisioned natural birth at a birthing center, setting the stage for a myriad of emotions.

I was placed on medical leave due to the on and off bleeding and low iron levels, daily routines transformed into a ballet of strength and fragility. Any time I stood up too fast, the room would darken along the edges of my vision, getting light-headed often. The fear of weakness leading to falls demanded extra precautions, triggering additional doctor visits. Feelings of restlessness and despair liked to creep in as I went from being quite active and capable to being put on pelvic rest and having to be reliant upon others for help with simple things. This journey wove an intricate tapestry, threads of health, hope, and an unwavering desire for a safe and natural birth intertwining seamlessly.

Advocating at every turn, research became a lifeline to prepare for all possible outcomes. Discovering that the placenta's movement could pave the way for a natural birth, the 37th-week ultrasound marked a pivotal moment. A green light for a natural birth at the birthing center ushered in a renewed sense of hope and triumph. However, another trial emerged, as we were on the verge of risking out due to their 42-week policy.

Lennora's entrance into the world is a testament to resilience, as I came close to being transferred out of the birth center due to placenta previa, anemia and nearly going over the 42-week mark. In the final three weeks of pregnancy, I practically lived on my birth ball. Then finally our amazing Lennora was born on 11/27/19, at 7:24pm. She arrived 10 days past her due date, keep us guessing her arrival dealing with three days of prodromal labor leading up to her birth. Where I experienced consistent contractions every 40-50 minutes for the entire duration, not excessively intense but disruptive, and tiresome, nonetheless. Anticipation peaked on the day before Thanksgiving, during a checkup, the midwife found me at about 4 and a half centimeters dilated and expressed optimism about progress that night. At my request, she stripped my membranes and sent me home with instructions to use a breast pump to encourage contractions.

Determined to have the baby before Thanksgiving, we headed to the birth center at 4 pm, thinking my contractions were progressing. However, after an hour, I was only 5 centimeters dilated. The midwife suggested going home or breaking my water, warning that the latter would mean the baby was coming soon, regardless of labor progress. Ready to meet my baby after enduring contractions for so long, I opted for the water breaking.

With my waters broken at 5:30 pm, subsequently, my contractions intensified significantly, making concentration nearly impossible.  By 7 pm, during a midwife shift change, I felt the urge to push but was unsure if it was too soon. While on the bed, supporting my arms on a birth ball, rocking my hips and humming low trying to get through the contractions, I informed my midwife of the urge. She and my partner helped me to the tub, where she checked my station, and then instructed me that I could push on the next contraction. Despite multiple attempts with no progress, I suddenly felt her head while pushing, but was still unable to push her past a certain point. Finally, she made her debut as I summoned the strength and stood with the help of my midwife and partner, offering one final push to ease her triumphant arrival. Then I was shuffled to the bed, I held Lennora, who was crying and immediately eager for my breast. Adrenaline left me shaking as I stood up quickly. Lennora's ear was folded over, due to her head being positioned oddly in my pelvis, prompting the midwife to have me stand while pushing to address the lack of progress. Each birth taught me valuable lessons, and I feel blessed for the support from my partner and midwives throughout the journey.

Each birth unfolds a unique lesson, and Lennora's story is an eloquent testimony to the teachings of strength and blessings. Gratitude swells for the steadfast support of my partner and midwives, crafting this journey into a beautiful tapestry of love and resilience. Navigating the challenges of placenta previa and anemia. Lennora's birth was not only a celebration of life but a triumph of resilience. The unexpected twists became threads in the tapestry of her birth story, reinforcing the belief that miracles can unfold even in the midst of uncertainty. Lennora, this wild, courageous, and adventurous little spirit carries the essence of her birth from the very beginning. Her journey isn't just a narrative; it's a jubilation of her vibrant spirit, embodying the resilience and tenacity that ushered her into this world.

As we celebrate Lennora's fourth birthday, let's honor the triumph of love, hope, and the unwavering courage to endure. May her tale ignite strength and resilience in all who encounter the story of her birth.

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